Author: pdxcoed

2023 is in the Books

Our 2023 Season has ended. While it has been a more challenging than usual season, we had 14(ish) weeks of games, and good competition throughout the divisions. We are tabulating the standings, and should have them updated, posted, and sent to team managers soon.

Thanks to the teams, team managers, and referees for making this season successful!

Hope to see you all back next season!

An Update on this 2023 Season

As most thing that come along unexpectedly, the 2023 Season has presented it’s interesting variety of Challenges. Once again, finding available fields has proven to be a major stumbling block that we are striving to over come. This has resulted in Scheduling challenges reminiscent of 2021, but we are working through these issues and will have them resolved.

Beyond that, We have been fortunate in weather conditions, have a number of new teams this year joining us, and continue to have fun playing soccer!

2023 Update

We are back and gearing up for the 2023 Season. We should have Registration open shortly, and also looking to place as many people on our Looking for a Team list as possible. Let the excitement for another season of Outdoor Co-ed Soccer begin!

2022 Season is in the Books

We have completed our 2022 Portland Co-ed season. In the next few weeks we will try to finish compiling our Division results, and will post the Final Standings as soon as we have them sorted out.

For those folks who are looking to join a team, we are still taking New Player forms (under the New Player tab), and adding the information to our list. As we hear of opportunities to play, even if it’s not in Portland Co-ed league games, we will get in contact with more information.

Portland Co-ed Soccer COVID Policy

As most are aware, there have been some recent changes to the CDC recommendations and guidelines as of May 18th, 2021. Furthermore, OHA (Oregon Health Authority) has adopted the stance of CDC and the following announcement is in effort to stay in line with both CDC and OHA recommendations:

OHA strongly recommends that individuals who are unvaccinated or who are at risk for severe COVID-19 disease continue to wear a mask, or face covering when in outdoor crowded areas and in outdoor large gatherings of individuals and maintain physical distancing. “Unvaccinated” includes those who have not had the full dosage of the Vaccine; those that have had the full dosage of the vaccine, but are within 2 weeks (14 days) of having received the full dosage; and those who are not getting the vaccine, regardless the reason.

Following OHA guidelines for individuals outdoors, masks are no longer required for any Portland Co-ed Soccer matches. This will include any participant at the permitted facility during the scheduled match time. The scheduled match time is to include the 15 minutes prior to the scheduled kickoff and the two hours and 15 minutes after the scheduled kickoff time.

For those that are still concerned about the current climate, any participant is still welcome to wear a mask; however, for players that choose to wear a mask it must be a soft cloth covering – no face shields are allowed under any circumstances.

Please understand that some participants may still choose to wear a mask, but that it will no longer be a requirement for any Portland Co-ed match.

Lastly, please continue to be mindful of your social distancing when appropriate and please continue to wash your hands. Be safe and good luck in your matches!


Welcome to Portland Co-ed Soccer! We are an Adult Co-ed Soccer league that plays in the Portland, Oregon Metropolitan area. We are an Age Restricted League, Men must be 25 Years or Older, Women must be 21 years or Older to participate in league games. Portland Co-ed Soccer plays 1 season per year on Monday Nights, which starts the first Monday in May and runs for 12 to 13 weeks, usually ending by the first Monday in August. Games start no earlier than 7:00pm.

Portland Co-ed Soccer is an OASA ( affiliated league, so players must have a Valid OASA Player Card before they can play in league matches.

Portland Co-ed Soccer was formed in 1976 by a group of adults excited to play Co-ed Soccer for Fun, get their spouses or partners involved, and create a Fun, Social environment to enjoy the outdoors, the company of fellow players, and occasionally BBQ after kicking a ball around for 90 minutes.

Many years, many teams, many memorable moments later, Portland Co-ed Soccer is still kicking, with 7 Divisions of Fun, excitement and Soccer!