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2022 Season is in the Books

We have completed our 2022 Portland Co-ed season. In the next few weeks we will try to finish compiling our Division results, and will post the Final Standings as soon as we have them sorted out.

For those folks who are looking to join a team, we are still taking New Player forms (under the New Player tab), and adding the information to our list. As we hear of opportunities to play, even if it’s not in Portland Co-ed league games, we will get in contact with more information.

2022 Season has Begun!

Under our Schedules page are the schedules for our 2022 season. We are playing on fields around the Portland Metro area, some slightly soggy at the moment, some artificial. We are hoping for great weather throughout the season, and good soccer in the games. It’s time to play some ball!

2022 Registration is now Open

Check under the Forms & Documents page to find the link to the 2022 Team Registration Form! So grab your gear, grab your friends, and let’s get this going! (Read the form as the timeline and deadlines are listed there).

2022 is Here!

Greetings and Salutations! Thanks for dropping by the Portland Co-ed Soccer Website.

We are currently gearing up for a (hopefully) more back to usual season for 2022. That means the League Tables page has been updated, we are working on getting the information for Team Registrations pinned down, and are looking forward to a less compressed, hectic, and “What was I thinking??!” timeline for the coming season.

This means Team Managers should be starting to contact your teams to see who is In and if you need more players. We have a large number of folks on the lists in each Division looking to join teams, and may even see if they want to form their own teams!

That all said, Welcome, and let’s get excited about playing some Outdoor Co-ed Soccer this year!

2021 is in the books!

We want to thank all the teams that joined us for the 2021 abbreviated season. It had more challenges than expected, we found we needed to innovate and improvise more than before as events and situations required, but it seemed to work out as well as could be expected, considering the circumstances.

We’d also like to thank the folks behind the scenes, those that allowed us to use their fields on such short notice, and helped make the season feasible.

We are working on the 2021 Season Standings, and will post them as soon as we have them complete.

Thanks again to all those who participated, we look forward to a more usual (hopefully) season in 2022!

Games have Resumed!

Now that the Excessive Heat (hopefully) is behind us, as well as the holiday weekend, Co-ed games have resumed! Check with your team Manager for more details as schedules are being revised and updated! We are looking into the possibilities of making up the Heat cancelled games, and will provide available options for the Team Managers to send to their teams.

Games on 6/28 are Cancelled

Due to the excessive heat and air quality conditions forecasted for Monday, June 28th, we are Cancelling all scheduled games listed for June 28th. Our priority is the safety of all the players on teams in our league, and as such, feel the cancellation of games is in the best interests of all involved. We will look into the possibility of rescheduling, and contact team managers as soon as we have possible, if any, options. Stay cool, hydrated, and safe!

Portland Co-ed Soccer COVID Policy

As most are aware, there have been some recent changes to the CDC recommendations and guidelines as of May 18th, 2021. Furthermore, OHA (Oregon Health Authority) has adopted the stance of CDC and the following announcement is in effort to stay in line with both CDC and OHA recommendations:

OHA strongly recommends that individuals who are unvaccinated or who are at risk for severe COVID-19 disease continue to wear a mask, or face covering when in outdoor crowded areas and in outdoor large gatherings of individuals and maintain physical distancing. “Unvaccinated” includes those who have not had the full dosage of the Vaccine; those that have had the full dosage of the vaccine, but are within 2 weeks (14 days) of having received the full dosage; and those who are not getting the vaccine, regardless the reason.

Following OHA guidelines for individuals outdoors, masks are no longer required for any Portland Co-ed Soccer matches. This will include any participant at the permitted facility during the scheduled match time. The scheduled match time is to include the 15 minutes prior to the scheduled kickoff and the two hours and 15 minutes after the scheduled kickoff time.

For those that are still concerned about the current climate, any participant is still welcome to wear a mask; however, for players that choose to wear a mask it must be a soft cloth covering – no face shields are allowed under any circumstances.

Please understand that some participants may still choose to wear a mask, but that it will no longer be a requirement for any Portland Co-ed match.

Lastly, please continue to be mindful of your social distancing when appropriate and please continue to wash your hands. Be safe and good luck in your matches!

2021 Season!!

We are opening Registration for the 2021 Season! It will be a 7 game season, due to availability and time restrictions. The registration form is available on the Forms page! We will begin scheduling as soon as possible with the Season Start date of June 7, 2021. The season will run through to August 2nd.

Portland Co-ed Soccer will adhere to CDC, Oregon Health Authority (OHA), and HCA (Washington State Health Care Authority) guidelines, as applicable, regarding COVID-19 protocols, to ensure the safety of league Players, Officials, and spectators. This means if you are vaccinated, and are two weeks after your second (or completed) vaccination shot, you will not need to wear a mask while participating. If you wish to wear a mask for your safety, or the safety of others, that is perfectly acceptable.

December 2020 Update

As many might have guessed, with the New Year comes new possibilities. We are planning to have a 2021 Co-ed Outdoor Season. There are a lot of details that need to be worked out before we get there, with the primary detail being the Portland Metro Area having significant decreases in the number of new COVID cases on a trending or continued basis. Once that happens, in conjunction with the continued inoculation of the COVID vaccines, we will look to make the Season happen, if at all possible.

That being said, we are going to delay accepting Registrations for the time being. As soon as we have a better feel for what it is going to take to make the season happen, we will get Registration opened up and proceed with ironing out all the details, working with Team Managers, Referees, and League staff to make the Games & Season successful, and more importantly, Safe.

Keep an eye on this site for additional updates!

Thanks, stay safe, and hope to see you out on the fields, once we can safely get back out there!