Frequently Asked Questions

This page is to address a variety of commonly asked questions that come up. If you don’t see your question here, feel free to contact us for answers!

Q: When are Games?

A: Games will be on Monday Nights, starting no earlier than 7pm, beginning the first Monday in May and running through the first Monday in August, unless additional dates are need to make up games due to unexpected situations, like excessive heat, dangerous air quality, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Q: Do you play a Fall Season

A: Portland Co-ed Soccer does not play a Fall season, primarily due to Field Availability. A Fall season would be directly competing with Mens League, Womens League, Youth Leagues as well as High School Fall Sports, Soccer & Football, for field space. There are not enough fields with lights that have available space to play during the week, and the weekends are equally filled from morning to night. Additionally, to utilize fields with lights tends to come with a higher Field rental rate, making it more expensive to secure, and increasing our Administrative costs and Team Registration fees.

Q: How long are games, and how many people per side?

A: Games are 90 minute matches, two 45 minute halves, plus a reasonable half time. It is 11v11, or Full Side, soccer. There can be no more than 5 Cis Male (assigned male at birth and whose gender identity is male) Field players per side in the game at any time, Goalkeepers are gender neutral for this purpose and do not count against that number. In other words, a team can have 5 Cis Male players, 5 Female players and a Goalkeeper on the field during the game. Female players can replace Cis Male players during the course of the game, but Cis Male players cannot replace Female players if there are 5 Cis Male players on the field already.

Q: What are the Costs per Player?

A: The cost per player is set by the Team Managers, to either meet the Team Registration fee or recoup what they have already covered, so the Costs per player can vary, depending on the team they are playing for. Some teams may have sponsors, reducing the cost. Some teams may have Team Uniforms, which may increase the costs. Some teams have a lot of players, planning for folks traveling, ect., which may reduce the player cost. Some teams plan Team BBQs after the games, so the cost might be a little bit more.

Q: Do I need a Player Card to play in Portland Co-ed games?

A: Yes. OASA (Oregon Adult Soccer Association) Player Cards are required, and must be physically presented to the Referee before the player can participate in a Portland Co-ed soccer game. Digital copies or pictures are not acceptable replacements at this time. This means if you are looking to join a team, it is substantially easier to get you on a team if you have your Player Card already, as some teams may only provide short notice when trying to add players. The upside of the Player Card is that it is good for also playing Mens outdoor Leagues, Womens outdoor Leagues, other Co-ed leagues, 7v7 leagues and even some Futsal leagues throughout the State of Oregon.

Q: Where can I find Team Standings during the Season?

A: Portland Co-ed is a Recreation League, with the point of the League being that everyone has an social and enjoyable time running around kicking a ball (and preferably not each other). While we do keep standings during the season, we do not publish them until after the season has ended. We do this to try minimizing the aggressive play that can happen when a team believes it is playing for the Top Spot in their division. Portland Co-ed does not give out trophies or T-shirts for winning the Division, we are out here to play for Fun.

Q: How strict are the Age Restrictions rules?

A: The players must be of age before they can play. In other words, Men are eligible to play on their 25th birthday and after, but not before, Women on their 21st birthday, but not before. That means if they have a late July birthday they can only play a few games their first eligible season. There are no exceptions to this rule at this time.

Q: How does the Free Agent list work?

A: When a prospective player fills out the form, we take that information and add it to our list, which is broken down by Division Requested. When a Team Manager contacts us looking to add players, we provide contact information to the Team Manager for players that meet the Team’s needs.

We also may create a Team from the Free Agent (or Players Looking for a Team) list, if there are enough on the list to do so, and someone is willing to be the Team Manager.

If you are on the list, having submitted the form, we will contact you with occasional updates, to let you know we have not forgotten you. We do ask that folks understand that female players are always in high demand, and there are a lot of male players looking to join, so it might take some time to find you a team. As mentioned above, it is easier if you already have your OASA Player Card as some opportunities may come up on very short notice, including Day of Game.

Q: If I fill out the Free Agent form, what happens with that information?

A: The information provided on the form is entered into a spreadsheet that is not Cloud based. Contact information is not shared with anyone until such time as there is an opportunity to join a team. We are very protective of our League members and prospective League members, and do not send our Contact Lists to anyone or any agency without asking permission first.

Q: Are there opportunities to play outside of League play?

A: There are numerous opportunities for teams to play outside of the Portland Co-ed season. We are always getting information about Tournaments throughout the year, in a wide variety of locations, and are more than happy to provide additional information up request. For individual players, the Portland Metro area have a wide variety of playing opportunities, from the OASA affiliated outdoor leagues, to the numerous Indoor Soccer and Futsal arenas throughout the area. We can also provide additional information about those opportunites as well.

Q: What if I have additional questions not answered here?

A: You can submit those questions here, and we will respond as soon as we can.